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  • Law Office of Teresa Duffin
  • Law Office of Teresa Duffin
  • Law Office of Teresa Duffin
  • Family Law

    Choose a family law attorney who has deep compassion for her clients. Teresa Duffin advocates for justice for her clients.
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  • Criminal Law

    If you are facing criminal charges you might have lots of questions. Turn to Teresa Duffin for answers you can trust.
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Round Rock Family Law and Divorce Firm Known for Attentive Client Care

Knowledgeable law firm is on your side through stressful times

The Law Office of Teresa Duffin is an experienced family law and criminal defense firm. Teresa is well-known in the Round Rock and Georgetown communities for providing strong litigation support for her clients.

This firm is different from other family law and criminal law practices

Teresa became involved in family law because of her deep compassion for people, especially children. She applies her legal knowledge and experience to helping families get through divorce, adoption and other emotional situations in which the law is an instrument that can help fix a human problem. She cares about her clients.

Teresa Duffin brings certain qualities to the practice of law that might appeal to you if you are searching for a family law or criminal law attorney:

  • Strong litigation — Teresa is well-known in the Round Rock and Georgetown areas of Texas for her firm courtroom manner and persuasive arguments. She stands up for her clients.
  • Attentive client care — The Law Office of Teresa Duffin works to give you the attention you deserve, whether explaining the next step in your case or answering your questions. Teresa is a non-judgmental advocate for her clients.
  • Knowledgeable representation — With more than 24 years of experience in family law and criminal defense, Teresa understands Texas law and procedures and put this knowledge to use when she represents you.

Practice areas

The Law Office of Teresa Duffin provides representation and litigation in the following areas:

  • Family law. Family law encompasses adoption and paternity matters and divorce representation.
    • Adoptions. Teresa provides caring assistance to clients going through the adoption process, preparing the paperwork and addressing the legal issues.
    • Paternity. Teresa litigates paternity matters against resistant biological fathers.
    • Divorce. Teresa provides strong representation when you need an aggressive divorce attorney. She will work diligently to achieve a settlement that will let you and your children move forward with your lives.
    • Mediation. Mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation. Many clients prefer it, as it can be shorter, less costly and less stressful than the conventional divorce process.
    • Division of assets. Developing a complete and accurate inventory of the marital assets, including the value of any real estate and business, is important to achieving an equitable division of assets. Teresa will work with you and your spouse's attorney to reach a fair result for you.
    • Child custody. Child custody arrangements need to protect the welfare and best interests of the minor children, whether custody is joint or one parent is the primary caregiver. Teresa strives to achieve this end and give special attention to the interests of special needs children.
    • Child support. Teresa diligently represents you in negotiating child support.
    • Failure to pay child support/failure to allow possession. Teresa knows how to use the resources provided by the laws of Texas and the United States to obtain back-payments when there is failure to pay child support.
  • Criminal law. If you or a relative is charged with DUI/DWI or a juvenile crime, Teresa can provide effective representation for your criminal law case.
    • Juvenile crimes. Attorney Teresa Duffin is experienced at defending juveniles charged with crimes.
    • DUI/DWI. Teresa can provide knowledgeable defense for charges of driving under the Influence/driving while intoxicated (DUI/DWI).

Discuss your family law or criminal law concerns with an experienced, caring attorney

Make an appointment today to discuss your family law or criminal law matter. The staff and attorney at the Law Office of Teresa Duffin have the experience to handle your case knowledgeably. You will appreciate that this practice brings empathy to your legal issues. Call Teresa to schedule your appointment. She serves clients in the Round Rock and Georgetown areas and is just off Palm Valley Boulevard (Highway 79) in Round Rock. Parking is available, and she maintains convenient office hours. Call Attorney Duffin at 512.501.1986 or contact her online.